Gift of Day Care in memory of Arthur O'Connor

Posted: May 27th, 2024

By Ali English

On Monday 27 May the costs to operate one full day of Day Care in the Sir Tom Cowie Wing have been donated in loving memory of Arthur O'Connor. 

Today would have been Arthur O'Connor's 79th birthday.

The photo attached shows Arthur where he was happiest with his daughter, Christine and his Grandson Adam, who was his best mate.

"If we had a million pounds it still would not be enough for the wonderful care you gave Dad and support for myself and family.

Dad was a very proud man, an ex pitman and the strongest man I have ever known.

Through his short battle he never complained once. His attitude was “It is what it is, what is the point of screaming kicking and crying about it.

Forever thankful for all staff at Willow Burn Hospice."

Christine Pearson and family.

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