Grief, Loss and Bereavement Workshops

Supporting a bereaved relative, friend, customer or colleague?

Talking about death and bereavement is hard. It can feel awkward or uncomfortable and sometimes, you just don’t know what to say, particularly if you haven't experience it yourself. To help you to support your friends, relatives, customers and colleagues now or to be better prepared for the future, we have designed a 'Grief, Loss and Bereavement Workshop' to help you to understand grief and loss, and to learn how to support bereaved people in your life, personally and at work.

"I feel I will be better prepared to communicate and engage with people living with bereavement with all the information I have gained from todays training." Durham County Carers

The Willow Burn 'Grief, Loss and Bereavement' workshops delivered by our Family Support Co-Ordinator, will help you to understand how a person is affected by bereavement, how it impacts their life, the process of grieving, and give you an understanding of how to communicate effectively and knowing what to say and what not to say. As a result, we hope that you will feel more confident and better prepared to respond supportively when faced with meeting a bereaved person, at whatever stage of grief they are experiencing.

Who are the workshops for?
The workshops are for individuals, community groups and businesses who would like to fell better prepared to support friends and colleagues when they are bereaved.

How long does a workshop last?
The workshops last 3-4 hours dependent on engagement from the group.

Where do the workshops take place?
Our Family Support Co-Ordinator can deliver the workshops at Willow Burn or at the location of your business or group.

Is there a cost for the workshops?
From £250 for groups or enquire for prices for individuals.

For groups and businesses which aren't located in or don't operate in this area, there will be a small fee. Please contact Joanne at or call her on: 01207 529 224 for further information.

With thanks to Derwent Valley Area Action Partnership for funding to start this project.

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