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Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is a voluntary process where someone thinks about and makes plans for their future health, social care and wider wishes. An Advance Care Plan can be one or more documents that express someone’s future health, social care and wider wishes.

Advance Care Plans are written statement that sets out wishes, preferences and values about your care. It is not a legal document but is important as it can help to provide guidance for anyone who may need to support you or make decisions in your best interests in the future.  

Advance Care Plan Day, is on 8 May 2024 and is the UK's first national day dedicated to Advance Care Planning.

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What is Advance Care Planning?


Download an Advance Care Plan Template to start thinking about your wishes

Resources to Help You With Advance Care Planning

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Dr Annabelle Plyming, Consultant in Palliative Medicine in County Durham and Darlington, for talking to Willow Burn Hospice about Advance Care Plans, who they are for and the key benefits of planning ahead.

The Team at Advance Care Plan Day.

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