Walkies for Willow Burn 2024

This year, we’re inviting you to go 'Walkies for Willow Burn’.

Go for a walk with your furry friend(s) and rack up the miles to support your local hospice.  This is a great way to get out and about with your dog whilst raising money and awareness for Willow Burn.

When: 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2024 (you choose the month you would like to take part)
Where: Anywhere you choose
Distance: You (and your dog/s) decide
Registration Fee: Free
Fundraising Pledge: Raise whatever you can

No dog? No problem, ask a friend, relative or to join you for your walks.

Every £20 raised this year will fund a Willow Burn Nurse for an hour!

'Walkies for Willow Burn' isn't just about supporting your Local Hospice. There are so many benefits of walking with (or without) your dog, including -

Improve fitness. Dog walking encourages you to be more active. 

Relieve stress.  Walking is a great way to zone-out and rid yourself of stress.

Lower blood pressure. Being active can help to prevent high blood pressure.

Discover new places. Explore your local area and find beautiful locations along the way with your dog.

Improve mental wellbeing Build a social connection with your dog and other walkers.

Walk and play with your dog. Have fun playing with your dog while getting in your daily miles.

Please remember - every dog has different exercise needs and you know what yours can manage safely.  Most dogs will need at least one walk a day to keep happy and healthy but be sure to ask your vet what’s best for your animal if in any doubt.

Here’s a quick guide to help you plan your 'Walkies for Willow Burn':

1 mile a day = 31 miles Around 20 minutes of walking; ideal for smaller or older dogs who may struggle with longer distances

3 miles a day = 93 miles A challenging but achievable distance to aim for over the month to keep you and your dog fit!

5 miles a day = 155 miles For those who really want to push themselves and have dogs with bags of energy!

Start Fundraising
When you sign up to 'Walkies for Willow Burn', you will be sent a link to an online fundraising page which you can personalise or you can set your own up here: https://willowburnhospice.enthuse.com/cf/walkies-for-willow-burn. It couldn’t be easier: set your fundraising target, send the page to your loved ones (or share it on social media) and encourage people to donate online in a few clicks.

Plan some new routes, pull on those walking shoes and head out for your walkies. Enjoy spending time with your dog or dogs, knowing every step you take will help the nursing and care team at Willow Burn provide the very best care to people living with life-limiting illnesses and their families when they truly need it.

Click here to set up an online fundraising page today!

How to track your miles
You can keep track any way you like. Perhaps you already know the distance of your favourite routes, in which case you can just jot them down on your mile tracker. 

For new walks, you could use the distance tracker on your smartwatch or phone, a GPS sportswatch, fitness tracker or a pedometer app.

We don’t need to see proof of your mileage, it’s completely up to you how far you walk, but it’s a handy way to keep track – and to share your progress with your sponsors. If you use the fitness platform Strava, you can even link that to your fundraising page for live updates.

Don’t forget to share your progress on social media, using the hashtag #WalkiesforWillowBurn
You might inspire someone else to take part.

We'll support you every step of the way by supplying you with a Sponsorship Form and Walkies for Willow Burn Mile Tracker and you can join our dedicated #WalkiesforWillowBurn Facebook Group to share snaps from your walk.

What safety precautions should my dog and I take?
Safety should be the top priority when taking part in the 'Walkies for Willow Burn' January Challenge. You know your dog best and we encourage you to think about the distance you walk at one time and whether it is appropriate for your dog, especially if they are still a puppy. If you have any concerns about your furry friend, please consult a vet.

What if I don’t walk as many miles as I would like to?
The only thing that matters is that you get out and about and enjoy yourself during your challenge. Do what you can. Update your sponsors regularly and be clear about how far you’ve come in your challenge.

Any funds or awareness you raise about Willow Burn and the difference our services make in the community will be gratefully received. Remember, every penny and every thought counts.


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